Andrew Considine

Take Your Time

December 17, 2014 by In Blog

If you don’t take your time first, then someone or something else will!

At best it is often a challenge to stay as close to the given moment at any time and
remain as calm and as peaceful within as possible. It can get crazy out there, especially
during this time in the lead up to Christmas and New Year!

But it never ceases to amaze how many people seem to exclude from their ‘Things to Get’ list
the single most important person in their lives…and that one precious gift that is always Free!

Now if you’re asking ‘Who and what?’, then let me put you out of your misery…Themselves!
And the ‘Free’ gift?…’Time’ for themselves!

Oh, I’m not sharing anything here that I am not conscious of in relation to
myself and my life either.

I know from my own experience that if I neglect to put time aside each day to reflect
and be quiet then I find I’m on ‘catch-up’ and that’s when clarity, focus and direction begin to
become foggy and somewhat lost. It’s therefore very important for me to ‘take my time’ first
before someone or something else takes it for me!

Taking time out for ‘You’ will probably the most wisest and intelligent action you could ever take, for
By doing so will you give yourself a far greater chance to experience the untold benefits.
And those benefits…?

Well, ask yourself, would you like to be:
• Calmer
• More Focused
• Inspired and motivated
• Clearer towards your direction
• More energised
• Healthier
• Happier
• Inspired and motivated and much, much more?

…and the simple yet challenging secret to all of this is already held in your possession – it is YOU!
All of this is and much more is already within you waiting to really come alive!

If you would like to experience greater clarity, peace, energy, inspiration and more then
here’s my suggestion for you in the lead up to and during the Christmas and New Year…and Beyond.

Take your time first, before someone or something else does!

All you need to do is to set some quiet time aside for yourself each day, without negotiation.

Begin today and each morning, finding a quiet space somewhere.
You can choose to sit, walk, or lie down; whatever way you find comfortable for you.
And then…
Just allow yourself to become ‘quiet’; breathing naturally and letting go!

It may be the only ‘quiet self-time’ you’ll have all day!

By taking just 10-15 minutes each day in being quiet and calm, will you be more able
to manage yourself, your personal and professional life with far less stress and yet
with so much more ease.

Understand also, that this is not an ‘overnight’ sensation, it will literally take time!

However, if you remain as consistent as you can with doing this, It won’t be long
before you realise that you are having the ‘Time of your life!’

Just by gifting yourself with 10 to 15 minutes quiet reflective time each day you can
develop the ability in being able to block out any negative thoughts, concerns, panic
or challenges you may have or have had.

By taking just 10 to 15 minutes a day to yourself will you be able to allow through your
infinite potential, become much more grounded and peaceful within, recognise what’s
really important for you and by doing so not step outside into the madness so much!

Even my dear good wife Silvija says, that when I am relaxed, calm and focused so
is everyone else around me! (I can’t even begin to imagine what she means!!)

Until the next ‘time’

To your inspired success