Andrew Considine

If you are to be successful in anything then you must determine your circumstances – rather than allow your circumstances to determine you.

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Manage Yourself - Grow Your Business

All success, and all achievement, begins from within; be it through the kind of attitude we hold, the way we think and behave, the level of confidence and ability to negotiate business challenges, and take decisive action in order to grow our business even more.
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Education Transformed

Showing them the characteristics of a successful mind-set, showing them how to develop their ideas and how to take them to the next level into action and the opportunity to discuss and explore their potential through personal one-to-one mentoring or coaching sessions.
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Personal and Wellbeing

Explore the importance and benefits of having a positive mind-set, practicing meditation, relaxation techniques, visualisation and acquiring more gratitude. I want you to feel understanding and applying these will enable you to gain the freedom to ‘let go’ like never before.
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Corporate and Business

I help corporate leaders unlock the full potential in their people and develop values-based, high-performing leaders, teams and cultures who strive to achieve and help individuals approach their highest potential by pursuing self-mastery and maximizing leadership.
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Andrew Considine: Inspire to Achieve

For 30 years now, Andrew Considine has been providing personal and executive coaching services, corporate training programmes, and motivational talks for the business, corporate and private sector.

Andrew’s extensive experience, knowledge and portfolio of programmes are designed to help his clients to achieve great success in both their personal and professional lives. If you want to know how to achieve your goals, make your dreams a reality, maintain a positive mental attitude and achieve positive outcomes, then having the right mental attitude will be crucial if you are to do so.

The Inspire to Achieve programmes provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills in how achieve all the above and more. Through availing of Andrew’s programmes and services, you will discover how to attain greater clarity, focus and direction, manage change, build resilience, manage stress and challenge, develop mental toughness, thereby becoming more emotionally equipped to persevere and achieve your personal and professional goals.

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