Andrew Considine

Executive Coaching

Andrew’s coaching and consults help executive financial advisors and insurance brokers see through the business fog and confusion, identify new horizons, develop the best strategies and action plans to bring you the most desired business and personal results possible.

Being a business owner, director or CEO is not solely about managing the business; it is also about managing people. To do both effectively and live a fully inspired life, it is crucial that you can fully manage yourself. This is not easy to achieve. But with the correct approach and the best guidance, you can achieve the rewards you desire in all aspects of your life.

Some of the most significant results advisors and brokers have achieved working with Andrew include:

  • Built cohesive and dedicated teams.
  • Increased productivity through strengthened relationships. 
  • Redefined business direction utilising laser-sharp techniques.
  • Built bullet-proof self-confidence and strong personal resilience.
  • Identified new opportunities by overcoming business & personal challenges.

If the above outcomes inspires and excites you to achieve similar or better results, why not book a 20 minute complimentary call to discuss how we can explore these possibilities for you.