Andrew Considine

Personal Development

Whereas Executive Coaching and Business Consultations are often about business planning, organising and managing a business, Personal Development (PD) is simply about managing ourselves. It is like the glue that holds everything together, whether we run a business or not. PD has many facets, but in essence, it is about the mind, how we think, feel and the actions we take; all of which determine the results we get.

Andrew has decades of experience in the PD field; with eight years honing his expertise working directly with financial advisors and insurance brokers. Using one-on-one sessions, live workshops and online trainings, he inspires and guides his clients in how to overcome challenges and unlock whatever is holding them back from achieving what is deeply important for them. Effective PD coaching can remove hidden personal roadblocks, help discover previously unknown abilities, and for some clients they are able to astonishingly produce outcomes they thought were unreachable.

Below are some distinct and amazing outcomes advisors and brokers have experienced through working with Andrew; results to this day many can hardly believe happened.

  • More time to spend enjoying family and friends yet still attracting high end clients
  • Dramatically increased their net worth and having the freedom and drive few people ever experience.
  • Dissolved fear, turned challenges into advantages especially when business was tough
  • Clients are more self-aware and confidently achieving what at first seemed impossible
  • Demonstrate great leadership; communicating with conviction, clarity and confidence
  • Living an inspired life with the freedom to be, do and have whatever they want

If the above outcomes inspires and excites you to achieve similar or better results, why not book a 20 minute complimentary call to discuss how we can explore these possibilities for you.