Andrew Considine

Business Consultancy

Financial Advisors and Insurance brokers operate within a legislative framework, and provide an extensive portfolio of financial products to a diverse range of clients. Experience in this field strongly indicates business problems and challenges are numerous and include: people and team management and satisfying client demands during fluctuating markets. These matters can lead to staff disharmony, client dissatisfaction that leads to stress in the workplace; the latter can severely impact on business viability and personal lives, too.

Clients working directly with Andrew have achieved: improved working relationships, precise strategic business planning and increased sales often in new profitable markets, and provided the drive to create even more robust business development goals, with dramatic results.

Advisors and brokers are experiencing a rapidly changing business environment, and often seek particular support. The following outcomes provide some key results Andrew has enabled his business clients achieve.

  • Stronger and lasting client relationships
  • Creation of new management operating systems
  • Elimination of in-house staff conflicts and inequalities
  • Engendered effective communications with clients and colleagues
  • Effective time management leading to increased productivity
  • Focused strategies designed to systematically grow the business.

If the above outcomes inspires and excites you to achieve similar or better results, why not book a 20 minute complimentary call to discuss how we can explore these possibilities for you.