Andrew Considine

Stop before you start

December 11, 2014 by In Inspire to Achieve

Christmas and New Year celebrations are well and just starting and I guess that you have probably received a good few e-mails or have heard from various sources, informing you of the need for you to get your goals for 2015 in order?

Having goals and knowing how to set and achieve them are not just important, they are very necessary… if, that is, you want to achieve anything meaningful for your life.

But before you do may I suggest you do something first?


Take out your ‘mind-remote-control’ that you use to switch yourself on and off each day and put yourself on ‘Pause’.


Because one thing that is worse than never having any goals is having goals before taking the time to gently and quietly reflect and listen; to listen to that powerful inner voice that you have within you.

You can call it you’re ” Inner-wise voice” or your intuition, or you can understand it as that quiet inner temple you possess, or whatever you like to call it. What you call it is not of concern, what is of concern is if you ever listen to it or not?

What is this place inside you? It is that place of inner and higher knowledge that seems to know and understand what you truly want for yourself and your life. It is that place within that knows what you truly desire for your life before you even become conscious of it.

Setting and achieving your goals, of any description, are decisions not to be taken lightly. Without putting too fine a point on it, deciding on your path forward is very much, what I like to call, a ‘spiritual decision’.

Allow yourself to ‘Stop’, don’t panic! Take a step back, take deep breaths, open up your heart and give some time each day to trusting the flow of life and the abundance that is available for you to receive.

You could go for a walk, practice some meditation or yoga. Whatever does it for you, what is important is that you try your best to take some personal quiet time for yourself.

Whatever helps you become inspired and feeling at peace, then do it and soon you will realise how free and inspired you become and then you become more clear and enthusiastic towards your personal and professional life-purpose-goals.

You know that if the foundation of a house has not properly set, then whatever is built on it will eventually crumble – the law of gravity will make sure it does!

Your success is within you!

To your inspired success