Communication In Business

In business as in life communicating effectively at all levels is vital if meaningful outcomes are to be achieved. The programmes below provide essential skills necessary to enable you to communicate with clarity. The programmes include:

  • Effective Communications: Enhance your listening and speaking skills, and discover the non-verbal body language used by successful business people.
  • Staff Appraisal and Assessment: Staff performance, motivation and evaluation utilizing self-assessment and advanced communication techniques.
  • Negotiation and Mediation in the Work Place:  How to ensure you evaluate work-related situations correctly and devise mutually acceptable outcomes for all parties.
  • Effective Presentation Skills: Learn the practical aspects and subtle nuances of delivering memorable and stimulating talks to groups.

Conflict & Crisis Management

Where people work together the potential for conflict increases and this can lead to personal distress possibly impacting on your business growth. The ‘Conflict and Crisis Management’ programmes are designed to support and guide participants in the knowledge and skills of effectively handling workplace conflict and crisis. The objective is to engender a more positive working environment, develop appropriate relationships, build morale and so increase productivity. The programmes include:

  • Dealing with Difficult and Challenging Behaviour: Understanding people, their traits and conflict generators, and appropriate strategies for their resolution.
  • Redundancy / Exit Support: A portfolio of programmes designed to guide you and provide those concerned with specific support when business and employee circumstances change and people have to move on.
  • Overcoming Self Doubt and Challenge: Whether personal or professional challenges, Andrew’s unique and innovative perspectives and techniques will help you discover how to turn doubt into confidence and challenges into opportunities.
  • Communicate to Collaborate –  Personality Awareness: Discover your strengths and limitations and how through this awareness you can diminish conflict and transform and improve meaningful relationships in the workplace.

Performance Management

The success of an individual or a business requires creativity, leadership, clearly defined objectives and ACTION.

The four programmes below focus on these aspects and more. See the programme outlines below and know that bespoke programme can also be created to suit your particular needs. The programmes include:

  • Leadership and Team Management: Strategies and skills for effective leadership and management.
  • Goal Mastery: A goal identification and achievement programme providing advanced techniques for business growth and development.
  • Management and Employee Seminars: Developing the crucial link between a positive mental attitude and achieving outstanding results through team development.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Idea creation and progressive mind set implementation strategies through understanding how to think effectively.

Work Life & Well Being

All work and no play… we know is unhealthy and can ruin relationships. In this Work Life & Well Being series of programmes some of the key issues in this important field are highlighted so employees and employers can explore how by understanding and applying some simple techniques, a better work/life balance can be experienced, and importantly, a more productive and satisfying business and personal life can be readily achieved. The programmes include:

  • Stress Management – Building Resilience: A range of programmes designed to alleviate stress in the workplace. Through these programmes participants will strategies and techniques to help them a more stress-free working environment.
  • Positive Work-Life Transformation: Discover how to create and maintain a positive mental attitude towards work and life, and transform disappointments and challenges into inspired action.
  • Work-life Balance: These programmes will show how in this busy world, you can easily optimise your mind, body and spirit, in harmony with the desire to advance a successful career.
  • Personal Empowerment – Creating Self-Empowering Beliefs: This programme will identify your core beliefs, related to areas such as work, money and personal achievement, and show you how to turn limiting beliefs into empowering ones. The beliefs we have about abilities and ourselves determine the results we get.

Personal Well-Being

Through the Personal Well-Being programme, you will have the opportunity to explore the importance and benefits of having a positive mind-set, practicing meditation, relaxation techniques, visualisation and acquiring more gratitude.

Understanding and applying these will enable you to gain the freedom to ‘let go’ like never before, enabling you to trust in the power and abundance that surrounds you.


Take a look at this series of programmes and if necessary discuss with Andrew your desires for change in your life and let him help you decide where your new life could begin.


  • Creating a Positive Mind-Set: Discover howto uncover the power of your conscious and super-conscious mind and create greater personal well-being. Know how to use your non-physical senses to attract meaningful relationships, a more balanced and abundant life-style, such as better finances, improved health and wellbeing, and self-worth
  • Meditation & Relaxation Techniques: Becoming centred and connected, releasing fear and eliminating stress and anxiety through connecting to your inner power and spirit. Experience self-calm, focus, inspiration and a heightened self-awareness and intuition that lead to greater certainty and effective decision making. 
  • The Art of Visualisation: Access the power of your imagination, how to create your future reality. Create the outcome you desire and discover the right life path for you.
  • The Power of Gratitude: Access your heart energy power and discover genuine personal freedom through the art of gratitude and forgiveness. Experience true freedom and life balance through the art of ‘letting go’ and moving forward with inspired self-awareness, belief and trust. Create abundance to achieve your life purpose goals and genuine life balance

Personal Development

Life Coaching and Mentoring:

Personal development is about you and the desire to grow and develop an even greater understanding and awareness of who you are and what makes you tick.

Embarking on the journey of self-discovery through mentoring can help you discover new and different perspectives, personal and professional talents, abilities and strength, how to manage and alleviate stress and discover the perfect life path for you.

And on your journey of discovery, you will build greater self-belief, enjoy increased self-confidence and be inspired to achieve the perfect life for you.

Attain Clarity and Direction:

Like a road map that shows the route to take for a journey, in life we have to build our own. This programme shows you how and will give you a direction with clarity to avoid any confusion.

Confidence and Personal Effectiveness:

To be effective, you need an understanding of who you really are from which your self-confidence can be developed. This programme shows you exactly how to do this.

Relationship Enhancement: Strengthening relationships at home or at work is crucial for harmony to prevail, and this programme gives you an easy 7-step method to enhance your relationships.

Crisis and Conflict in Life: Despite all your efforts, crisis and conflict can unexpectedly surface. Discover how to recognise these life challenges before they become serious and use the effective coping strategies shared in this programme if crisis and conflict is in your life.

Career Advancement

The ‘Career Advancement’ programmes are a set of innovative goal orientated programmes designed by Andrew to support and guide participants with their personal vision of future business paths, become more imaginative as business professionals and achieve their desired outcomes.

The career advancement programmes provide tools to enhance self- confidence both on a personal and a professional level fostering entrepreneurial and creative thinking amongst people who desire to advance their life-business purpose goals.

Mastering Your Future ~ A New Dawn for a New Age

The Mastering Your Future programme ~ entitled  ‘A New Dawn for A New Age’ is specifically designed for people who have either taken early retirement and wish to build upon their knowledge, experience and life successes and continue to move forward or people who wish to re-ignite their passions and skills in order to live lives of fulfilment and purpose.

Create to Innovate (Course Programme)

This unique ‘Create to Innovate’ Programme is a 7 session course designed to encourage and develop creative thinking and the skills needed to advance career and business achievement. This programme will be particularly attractive and suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs’, SME’s and fresh start ups who want to advance their ideas and professional goals.

Inspired to Succeed  

The ’Inspired to Succeed’ programmes are both inspirational and results focused. Participants will discover the principles of success and techniques necessary in being able to achieve their life and business dreams. Participants will also discover the power of the mind and how to think positively, creatively and effectively which will be the foundation to achieving any kind of success.

Teenage Parenting

One of the most challenging experiences as a parent is being able to develop a collaborative relationship of mutual respect between you as a parent or guardian and your teenage son or daughter.

Our world may have developed immensely since you were a teenager and the information that our teenage sons and daughters are privy to now is at a much technical and different level than ever before, but there is one experience that both the parent and teenager have always shared in common and that is that being one can often be challenging!

The ‘Parenting Your Teenager’ programmes are designed with you as a parent guardian in mind and to support and guide you as you strive to build a collaborative, empathetic and respectful relationship with your teenage son or daughter.

And let’s be frank here! Striving to build a respectful two way relationship with your teenage son and daughter is exactly that – A strive, a journey and can sometimes feel like an uphill battle that you’re losing or it can feel like a maze and you’re the one feeling lost in it. Well if you do then just remember that your teenager will probably be feeling the same way.

So would you like to…

  •  Know how to improve your relationship with your teenage son or daughter?
  • Discover what is important to your son or daughter – Understand their value system
  • Understand the pressures your teenage son or daughter are going through
  • Become more informed of the importance of consistent Parenting
  • Understand the relationship between nutrition and mood swings
  • Know how to facilitate your teenager’s self-expression
  • Get the balance right
  • Know how to best encouraging safe independence with your teenager

…Plus much more…

If you can answer yes to any of the above then take a look at the following parenting programmes and don’t try to battle alone – because you are not alone.

Personal Parental Teenage Mentoring

Having worked many years with parents of teenagers and being a parent myself I am very aware of the challenges and the strain that many parents of teenagers experience. Being able to avail of confidential guidance and support is for many a vital space for so many parents to be able to express their challenges and find a way forward in building a collaborative and loving relationship with their teenage son and daughter.

Seminars and Workshops

A series of workshops and seminars aimed at supporting parents, guardians and community leaders in how to best understand their teenagers. These programmes provide the strategies and techniques in how best you can build a more collaborative relationship with your teenage son or daughter.

Some of the topics addressed are:

  • Good Parenting Practices
  • Communication and Motivation Skill
  • Boundaries and how to put them in place
  • How to work with your teenager so they don’t work you!
  • Do you really know what they like?
  • How to tame the teenage tiger!

Young Entrepreneur Mentoring Programme

Through the mentoring and coaching programme, students benefit by having the opportunity to discuss and explore their potential through personal one-to-one mentoring or coaching sessions.

In such sessions, ideas can be hatched and nurtured from which a plan and action strategies are created to guide them in their desire to achieve meaningful results in their life.

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