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The 4 Cornerstones to Building Resilience

April 17, 2015 by In Blog

The 4 Cornerstones to Building Resilience

1. Be in the ‘Now’

No matter how much we try to control past of future events, the ‘reality’ is that we are only ever in the ‘Now’. There is ever only the present moment, until the next one and then the next etc. How we choose to be in any given moment will determine our perspective towards ourselves and our lives. ’

The experience of stress is a direct consequence of choosing to focus outside of the moment, the ‘Now’.

Stress is rooted in fear; fear of what could or will happen (The Crystal Ball Syndrome!) or fear of perceived consequences or judgments in relation to what has happened. However, when you focus on the ‘now’ all feelings of fear leave. Try it! A good technique to get started with is to focus totally on an object for 10-20 seconds…you will soon notice that when you do and focus on the ‘now’ your past and future fears depart for that short time and therefore, do not actually exist!

2. Have Faith

This is an age old principle, strategy and technique and is core to anything that we have overcome or achieved in life.

You can have all the qualifications, material possessions, careers and dreams you want but if you do not have faith then stress will birth within, grow, consume you and eventually burn you out.

If you are to avoid such stressful experiences then it will be paramount to have faith and believe in yourself and in your ability to adapt, change and renew. We know what the prophets and spiritual Guru’s all teach…’Have Faith’! The quote by Anthony Robbins is very appropriate here when he said: ‘Fear knocked on the door, faith opened it and there was no one there.’

When asking one of my clients recently what does she put her present success down to, her response was immediate. She said, ‘Faith!’ To have faith in yourself, your vision and have the faith that the right support will always show up – especially when you feel like it’s all getting too much and you feel like giving in!

3. ‘Mind’ How You Think

Thoughts do become things; or put another way, what we think about more ignites the feelings associated with those thoughts. When we think, we feel and our feelings generate movement and before you know it we propel into action and therefore ‘creation’ mode. When we think a certain way long enough (and it doesn’t take that long), we begin to impress upon our sub-conscious mind the belief that life should be that way. Our sub-conscious mind never disappoints and it gets to work as fast as it can by synchronising our thoughts, feelings and actions to create a ‘real’ life experiences.

When you change the thought, you change the feeling and when we feel differently, we behave differently and before you know it, people and things begin to respond differently, all culminating in you experiencing different results; hence, thoughts become things!

4. Take Charge of Your Emotions

When we feel emotionally vulnerable or as often put, ‘stressed-out’, then it will be wise to stop, try to take a step back, breathe and consciously become present and be in the ‘now’ as much as possible. Try to re perceive the ‘stressful’ situation or thought, change the thought/s immediately and replace them with thoughts that are ‘creative and productive’, not ones that are ‘disintegrative or destructive’.

The use of ‘power affirmations’ or ‘power thoughts’ are really necessary here. For example, if you are in a workplace situation and you find yourself in a situation that is causing ‘emotional stress’, then try to stop! Take a step back, breath and calm down. A powerful way of dealing with a ‘difficult’ situation is to do your best to take the time and find as many benefits or advantages for the actual experience! Yes, I did say find the benefits! Do your best to perceive the situation from a place of advantage and self-discovery, not from a place of fear and loss. You could ask, ‘What is this situation teaching me about me?’ Know that all things must pass! It is only when we gain greater emotional control do we gain a greater perspective and clarity towards our lives; when we do, we act differently and new a positive results will follow suit.

In Short…
The above 4 cornerstones to building resilience will help you to gain greater balance in both your personal and professional life. Yes, they all involve ‘taking action’ and can initially be very challenging to practice. However, as we all know, the more we practice something, the more it becomes a habit and it is through our habits do we get the results we get.

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