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The Key to Integrity

April 17, 2015 by In Blog
The Key to Intregerty

Being Resilient Means Being True to Yourself!

Building resilience, being resilient and maintaining resilience in a world that is often thwart with instant gratification and constant demands, can at best, be extremely challenging. However, to master the art of being resilient is to master the art of being true to yourself.

Resilience is built on a foundation of having the right mental attitude, and attitude is all to do with the way we choose to ‘Think’, Feel and Behave.’
Attitude controls the quality of everything in our lives and resilience is all to do with ensuring that our lives are of the highest quality!

A ‘Resilient attitude’ is a ‘Can Do’ attitude. Resilient people understand that while life doesn’t always go to plan, what they do understand however, is that they are solely responsible for the way they think, feel and behave and therefore how they respond to any given circumstance or situation. Resilient people think, ‘I Can’, and ‘I Will’.

Resilient people believe there is always another way forward. They believe that they ‘can’ always get back up, will get back up, know that they have gotten back up before and therefore ‘do’ get back up.

Resilient people view failure as a temporary yet necessary part of achieving what they want.Resilient people also view success as a result of faith, persistence and therefore are always conscious of maintaining a positive mental attitude.

If you would like to become more resilient in your life, then developing an ‘I can’ attitude will be crucial if you are to do so.
Resilient people do not waste their time in being the victim. Rather resilient people embrace every challenge and difficulty as an opportunity to learn, develop and become stronger.

Resilient people see the opportunity in the difficulty, not the difficulty in the opportunity.

To your inspired success

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