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How Setting ‘Real’ Goals Makes You A Better Person…

April 17, 2015 by In Blog

You would be forgiven for thinking that goal setting is just to do with

achieving what you want. However, that’s only part of it!

Real goal-setting is more about You! And more specifically about raising your levels of self-awareness and knowing more about who you are as a person, what you are capable of and what your meaning and purpose in life is.

You see, the extent to which you set your goals will determine the extent to which you believe you can achieve them. Real goal setting is more about you developing and growing as a person than the actual attainment of the goals themselves!

While achieving great outcomes and results are truly important, it is nevertheless vital to understand that the setting of them must be part of helping you develop as a person and become more self-aware.

In other words, people will generally set and achieve their goals based on how much they believe they can achieve them.

Unfortunately, most people make the common mistake of setting their goals far below the level than what they are actually capable of achieving. When people set their goals below what they’ve achieved before, they are really indication that they’re self confidence levels are low as against what they say they really want.

Think about it, what is so great about setting a goal that you already know you can achieve?

That’s not goal setting – that’s ‘Want – Setting’!

How ‘Real’ goal-setting is more to do with you becoming a better person!
Real goal setting, real goal achieving is more to do with causing you to doubt yourself!

Real goal setting is more to do with you facing your fears!

Real goal setting tests your self-belief and ability in you remaining resilient and persistent.

Real goal setting causes you to ask yourself, What are my strengths? What is it that is really important to me?

Real goal setting causes you to ask, How can I make a positive impact in my life and in the lives of others?

Real goal setting is more to do with more self-aware and therefore, more self-believing.

Real goal setting is to do with you discovering what your meaning and purpose in life is.

In other words,

Real goal setting is more to do with you becoming a better person.

Anything you seek to achieve that doesn’t involve these questions are probably just wants and wishes that cause you to say to yourself ‘ Ah that would be nice to have, do or be’.

Real Goal Setting is about going further than you have ever gone before.

If you set a goal to earn €50,000 in six months, and yet you have earned €50,000 in six months some other time previously in your life, then you’re not exactly developing now, are you?

You’re really just going for the same old same old and not taking your life any further than the time before are you?…And by you not going beyond the €50,000 you achieved before, you’re not really sending the boat out or setting fire to life are you?

Don’t misunderstand me, you may have earned €20,000 for example in the last year and therefore a €50,000 goal would seem an achievement; and you’d be right, it is an achievement, but it’s not a great one. Why? because you’ve done it before!

By setting your goals above and beyond where you’ve set them before is you telling the world that you used to watch Star Trek…You are prepared to go where you haven’t gone before!!

Here are 4 steps that will help you the setting and achieving of Real Goals!

I like to call them…

The 4 Cornerstones to Setting ‘Real’ Goals:

1. Have a Passionate Desire:

All achievement begins with the passionate desire for something definite!

You must know your ‘What’ and your ‘Why’!

2, Use Your Imagination:

Hold the image of your desire firmly in your mind

‘If you want to reach a goal, you must see the reaching in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal!’ – Zig Zigla

3. Make your Belief Empowering

(Breaking the perceived chains of Limiting Beliefs)

Ask yourself: If you knew it was impossible to fail, what would you choose?

4. Planned Action

List 10 action steps you can take that will take you closer to achieving THIS Goal

…And then start right away and Do It!

If you’ve already set your goals for this year, go back to them and check if they’re high enough and beyond where you’ve ever achieved before.

Do not set silly ridiculously goals such as climbing mount Everest when you aren’t remotely interested in mountain climbing! Rather set goals that have meaning for you and help you to understand why you’re on this planet in the first place!!

Treat goal setting as if it’s your ‘Bucket List’. Set them high enough; go beyond what you’ve ever done before, stretch yourself and feel the fear and do it anyway.

Make your foot print in the sand of life!

Oh and just a little tip for you in helping you to decide whether your goal is right for you… You will have a good idea that you’re setting the right goal for you when that goal makes you feel both fearful and excited at the same time; and when you achieve it, boy oh boy do you feel good… and that feeling spreads! Other good souls around you also feel good about you; they have more faith in you, why? Because you began to have faith in you!

It was James Allen who once said,

”Believe in yourself long enough and the world will have no choice but to follow suit.’

And one other spin off…

When others see that you stepped outside your comfort zone and dare to go further than have ever done so before, they begin to have confidence and consider that they too can do the same!!

You see setting ‘Real’ Goals really does have everything to do with You developing as a person and in the process, helping others to develop also!

To Your Inspired Success



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