Andrew Considine

Are You Saturating Your Market Place with You?

August 11, 2014 by In Inspire to Achieve

It is often the case, especially during times of an economic downturn,

that the ‘Business Market’ can become over saturated with more

providers than service users; that the ‘sellers’ ratio far out-weighs the ‘buyers’.

But to think and focus this way will only serve to create more fear and doubt than hope and positive expectation. By thinking this way you will begin to create the belief that what you have to offer is ‘oversubscribed’ and therefore not needed or wanted.

The truth is what you have to offer right now is someone else’s need, someone else’s want.

Rather ask yourself, have you really saturated the market enough with your talents?

Are you really using your gifts, your abilities in the best way you can or are you able to give even more of what you have and do so in many different ways?

If you search just a little I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there is so much more within you still to be expressed.

The following simple exercise is designed to help you to do so:

Write down all the abilities and talents that you have – What are you good at?
Don’t leave any stone unturned and try not to allow a false humility of being too proud to recognise your gifts stand in your way.

Go for it! Write down all the talents, abilities, skills you have – think of what people have said about you that you are good at.

After you have written these down, then ask yourself:

Are you truly saturating the market with your talents and abilities?
If not, then why not begin now?

Start small with an idea and take a chance by showing others what you have to offer.

There is always someone, a person, business, organisation that needs and wants what you have!

Show the world what you have and the world will show you what it has to offer!

To your inspired success